Mortgage plus Improvements Experts

We are the #1 service providers for the Purchase Plus Improvement plans in the GTA

Home improvements don't have to be scary!

People often associate home renovations with a complicated, expensive, time consuming process. The last thing you want when you move into your new home. Bold has a solution for you!

Why settle for a home,
Bold can make it your dream home!

Bold Improvements offers a full-service solution for your Purchase Plus Improvement plan. You get the mortgage and get approval for the program and we handle everything else from start to finish, NO MONEY DOWN!

Ask your broker today!

We work with some of the top brokerages in the city to offer our trusted solution. Call your broker and ask if you are available, and if they don't already work with us, let them know we are here to help!

Are you a Mortgage Broker?

As part of our full-service solution, we offer marketing materials and strategies for brokers. We are also able to offer presentations to bettter educate you team, and your agents.

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